Boston National Title, Clarifire, Collaborate to Streamline Default Servicing

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Press Release

Boston National Title Agency, an Incenter LLC company, has announced a strategic alliance with Clarifire, the leader in workflow automation and seamless servicing. 

Users of CLARIFIRE for default servicing and loss mitigation will now benefit from its integration with solutions from Boston National Title, one of the largest independent title and settlement service providers in the country. 

“Our mission is to provide servicers with effortless accessibility to the resources needed to help borrowers quickly get back on their feet,” said Jane Mason, CEO of Clarifire. “The addition of Boston National Title provides our clients with seamless access to these products. This vital integration will enable servicers to expedite the delivery of BNT product options, reducing costs and improving turn times. This translates into an improved borrower experience.” 

Servicers already rely on CLARIFIRE to streamline workflow and workout processes. Now they will be able to further increase efficiency by automating requests and responses for property reports, mortgage modification policies (MMP), and similar documentation from Boston National Title—never going outside CLARIFIRE. With these additional services delivered rapidly to their dashboards, they have robust visibility and capabilities. 

“As an Incenter company, Boston National Title shares Clarifire’s commitment to helping servicers work smarter. As the industry prepares for increased loan modifications and defaults, our integration will move them closer to this goal,” said Nathan Bossers, President of BNT. 

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