When it comes to the title business, Michael Crispeno has seen it all, done it all and pretty much fixed it all, too.  A 21-year industry veteran, he has managed major joint ventures, implemented enterprise-wide technical strategies and relieved the pressure of volume demand on service delivery by hiring more than 70 employees in as many days.

His vast industry knowledge and experience made Mike the ideal choice for his new role as Senior Vice President of Boston National’s Private Wealth division.  BNT pioneered the concept of taking a team of seasoned professionals and dedicating them to the high net worth customer market back in 2006.  After year-over-year double digit growth since its inception, the division is considered a textbook case study of successful innovation in the title and settlement industry.

Despite the success, BNT’s leadership believes there is still a great deal of growth potential in the HNW sector. The company is currently incubating new products tailored to the unique needs of wealthy individuals who often have complicated real estate portfolios and transactions. Crispeno will assume responsibility for the launch of these and the development of future HNW title and settlement products and, equally important, ensuring the operational side of the business maintains its high level of service as the division continues to grow and mature.

Before joining BNT, Mike held senior positions at Inspire Closing Services and Mortgage Connect.  Prior to Mortgage Connect, he spent almost 16 years working his way up from Closing Coordinator to Vice President of Closing Operations at ServiceLink.  Based in BNT’s Coraopolis, PA office, Mike enjoys spending his time with his family and is an avid golfer and bowler.