2022 HW Tech Trendsetter: Nathan Bossers

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Article

President of the Boston National Title Agency, Nathan Bossers combines a love of collaborative innovation and a focus on improving the entire lending cycle to make a lasting impact on the mortgage banking industry. In addition to introducing the AI-driven instant title decision engine in 2022, he has led the reengineering of the traditional home equity lending process — harnessing technology to help lenders diversify their products while maximizing profits.

Bossers is the authority on common-sense innovation — ideating technological solutions that fill a need, are fairly easy to implement and will be accepted by lenders and borrowers alike. Whenever an Incenter company launches a digital product or service, Bossers offers input behind the scenes. Bossers and his team recently launched Dekko, an instant title decision engine that uses AI and machine learning to make decisions on the cleanliness of titles in seconds and incorporates these decisions into Boston National’s proprietary underwriting guidelines, as well as individual lenders’.